Interactive workshops

Interactive workshops – four stand alone workshops that participants can join to consider a specific aspect of leadership. Each workshop is three hours in length and provides suggestions for follow up material.

Smarten up your Emotional Intelligence

Understand how to use emotional intelligence within your role as a leader to maximise your work with staff. Achieve higher levels of performance by understanding yourself, your behaviours and how these impact on others. Using the theory developed by Daniel Goleman.

Motivational leadership

What will help you create a motivated workforce where every member of the team is striving for excellence? This workshop will be based on Hetzberg motivation theory and supports you to focus your valuable energy and resources where it will have a real impact.

We only know what we know

What are your expectations as a leader and do you communicate these effectively? We will explore the conscious competence theory to understand that our people only know what they know.  If they are not doing what you want it is because you have not told them effectively. Identify where your staff are on the cycle and guide them to the next step.

Making the most of learning styles

Understanding how people learn and how you can adapt your leadership style to best meet the needs of your team. We process hundreds of pieces of information every day, what makes some things stick with us? The workshop will help you make the most important pieces of information become meaningful.